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Enough is enough!

I have had it with businesses. I am tired of getting ripped off by a buck or 2. It goes on far too much. Have you ever actually looked at your receipt after purchasing something and it be wrong?? How many times have you gone back in there and complained? I went to staples, bought a scale and some canned air and a water. After Chris and I were almost home I looked at the receipt. They charged us twice for the water. It think it was like $1.19. He turned around and I thought he was nuts for driving all the way back for a buck. Well he got his money back. That was his money and no one was taking it from him! Ever since that day, it has happened more than 10 times!!!! And not just a buck, $10 on one occasion, $6 on another. I thought about it and I got SOO PISSED!!! That is MY money and they are taking it and kepping it. My bank likes to do it too. I pride myself on keeping track of money but lately I guess I lost track, or at least I thought I did. My bank recently charged me 4 NSF's charges. I just got off the phone with them and they credited 2 back. The whole reason it happened it because of a lousey pizza that Chris and I ordered on Saturday. We wanted delivery but that was gonna take 1.5 hours so we called them and said we would come pick it up. They "canceled" the transaction on my card since it had a delivery fee on it and we would just pay the correct amount when we picked up the pizza. Well Chris remembered that they owed us for a mix up and he ended up paying like $5 for the pizza with cash. But the lady at the bank said Pizza Hut has a hold for what looks like what caused you to overdraft. WHAT???? Yup, they charged my account even though we paid cash. They are gonna OWE me BIG time! So now I get to go down to Pizza Hut and tell them to write a letter to my bank saying the hold is an error so I can get my money back from the bank. I refuse to let anyone else take my money without my knowing. I have had it!

3:36 pm - Wednesday, Jun. 07, 2006


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